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We need a real social appWe live in the age of social apps and yet, our generation suffers from lack of real connections. This is a real danger to our health.
We deserve a social app that actually tries to improve our social life rather than pull us to a virtual one.
read moreRippleCircle communityRippleCircle connects you to a community of people to share your favorite activities with. As a user, you get a custom made community which is built especially for you. The method your community is built is as follows:
Each user defines their close-circle
with a couple of close enough
friends. Firstly, we fill your
community with the people in
your inner-circle. Secondly, we
put in the inner-circles of every
person who is in your community
already. We repeat the second
step up to a defined social
distance. That way, you get a
community combined of friends
and friends of friends.

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